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An ongoing legacy of 22 years

Our Mission: Jamil Optics can provide various standards and quality optics to every customer. Our products are highly qualitative and branded. We have high-advanced technologies for eye testing purposes, and high-quality optical eyewear, and well-expert professional employees. Our service will provide, comfort, benefits, and easiness to every client. We will meet your needs and have a good relationship with our clients. Satisfying you is our aim and satisfaction is the reflection of our mission.

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We are dedicated and committed to deliver the best quality with latest technology products to our loyal customers.


Our mission is being the well-known centre for optical fashion and business automation technology. To be a quality eyewear leader, we will ensure that everyone’s vision needs are met…Also the ability to market and sell products on time and within budget while meeting the needs and specifications of customers.

Human Resources

Jamil Optics values its employees’ contributions and treats each individual employee fairly and consistently in all matters, using a consistent application of the following human resource philosophies. We also want to create a brighter world for our employees by ensuring that every individual can see better and live better.

What We Do

We are committed to offering customers comprehensive pricing transparency as well as brands that are both affordable and kind to wallets. As an optical shop we are committed to providing our devoted consumers with the highest-quality items using the most up-to-date technologies.



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A Difference In Their Life

We are working in the optical segment for many years and have been producing quality products for customers to enjoy their lives style.

We offer the best quality products at a competitive price. We are always ready to serve you. We have a wide range of optical frames and sunglasses in different designs, available with us, which range from around lenses, rectangular lenses, metal frames as well as plastic frames. Most of us can use this product without prescription glasses or sunglasses. As we all know that many people do not like to wear glasses because it tends to spoil their beauty. Visit the best branded Optical shop in Dubai and choose the best brand for your style. 

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Spectacles are now so common that we regard them as an everyday item, we take them for granted and we rarely pay them a second glance.